It has been proven in countless situations that inefficient enterprise risk management wastes time, money and effort, and at worst lives. 

How Preventive Measures Work  

The truth is that accidents, whether at home or in the workplace, are preventable. A prevention measure may not stop risks from happening, however it can reduce the likelihood and consequence of serious incidents. 

In addition, a strategic health and safety management system is a long-term solution to reducing risk. By establishing a robust enterprise risk management programme, you can avoid potential threats, minimise impact, and negative consequences. 

CHS Consulting in Addressing Potential Risks  

Only subject matter experts know how to effectively manage risks through codesign and years of tested experience. In other words, only trust professionals with proven experience to ensure a healthy and safe environment for you and your people. 

In line with our mission “to be leaders in health, safety, and environmental management by providing effective management tools and consulting services,” CHS Consulting is here to help by partnering with you to achieve a healthy and safe workplace.  

We aim to add value to our customers’ business through health and safety compliance audits and management services. These are essential in reducing harm and prosecution, by providing effective business tools, improving legal business compliance and productivity.  

Why Is Risk Management Essential?  

It can’t be stressed enough how important health and safety compliance is to industry to protect from prosecutions, reputation damage, penalties, fatalities and peace of mind. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, health and safety compliance in New Zealand is more important than ever before. 

Get In Touch with Us  

For a discrete and reliable partner in health and safety risk management, whether at home or in the workplace, CHS Consulting is here for you. 

Our services and products have been designed to meet the needs of our customers. And our clients’ needs are our priority. If you want to know more about us and the things we do, leave us a message. Or you can call us on 021323881, or email admin@chsconsulting.co.nz. 


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