Health and Safety Compliance Audit

  • What are the consequences or working in an unsafe and unhealthy environment?  According to WorkSafe, there were 1,485 work-related serious incidents in New Zealand in 2020 alone. The highest number of serious incidents were recorded in 2019 with 1,800. Because of that, it is right to say that a health and safety audit is important to prevent accidents.While there are various means to address issues related to health and safety, an expert’s assessment of health and safety policies, systems, and procedures remains on the top of the list.

    What Is Health and Safety Audit?  

    Health and safety audit is a process in which a professional auditor collects information regarding the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of an organisation’s assets. In doing this, organisation’s become aware of the risks in their systems and processes. For this new controls are implemented which in turn improve health and safety compliance.Why Do You Need Health and Safety Audit?  Turning a blind eye on health and safety compliance in New Zealand may result in more problems. In this case, you are not only compromise the health and safety of employees, customers, and visitors but also your business. On top of that, accidents and other serious incidents could lead to much bigger problems like—prosecutions, reputation damage, production delays and penalties.Think of how much you can save if these precautionary measures are in place. Injuries will cost far less than the cost of injury prevention.

    CHS Consulting Health and Safety Audit Services 

    We understand the need for a safe space free of serious harm.  Because productivity, success, and efficiency are a product of a healthy and safe home or office, CHS Consulting can partner with you to achieve these goals.We provide experts who know how to identify, assess, control and monitor risks who can inspect monitor and coach your organisation to maintain building compliance and your warrant of fitness.If you are looking for health and safety audit in New Zealand, feel free to email us at or call 021323881. Our team would be delighted to assist you with your concerns and enquiries!


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