Building Health and Safety Compliance Audit

  • Owning and running commercial properties comes with much responsibility. This is especially true now that the design of building ergonomics, processes and risks are scrutinised due to an increase in building compliance requirements, violence, and terror attacks. 

    Understanding the risks and requirements associated with building compliance is more critical than ever, particularly when it comes to due diligence for Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking. 

    Building Compliance in New Zealand 

    Nowadays, regulatory bodies require Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking must demonstrate compliance, by providing evidence that buildings are compliant using subject matter experts. This is why building inspections, in general, are becoming more frequent and more thorough.  

    But what does building compliance mean? In its simplest form, compliance is a set of processes that organisations use to abide by laws, rules and regulations, whether external or internal. Today building and property compliance is within arm’s reach through compliance audits.  

    Our Building Compliance Services  

    Our team of experts are backed by years of experience, so they know the way around building compliance requirements.  

    As an established name, we believe that no two buildings are the same as no two health and safety solutions alike. That is why our services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. We don’t just offer ready-made of the shelf solutions.  

    Aside from health and safety compliance audit services, wherein we assess your organisation’s health and safety policies, systems, and procedures, we also specialise in auditing building compliance. 

    Through this service, we can identify building risks and formally report them. This, in turn, allows you to take the necessary steps to guarantee that your building complies with the local building code, and the standard seismic restraint systems. 

    More on Building Compliance Services  

    CHS Consulting has a number of experts in building inspection and repair, as well as certifiers of building evacuation systems, fire equipment, and emergency procedures, providing a one-stop-shop building warrant of fitness examination. 

    Additionally, we also prequalify electrical, construction, and plumbing trade contractors to ensure the proficiency of these building services. 

    Non-Compliance Consequences 

    Non-compliance affects not only the building owners but also the trades, in lost productivity and resources. 

    For business owners, non-compliance can affect the business because it may not be granted certification for occupancy. And if this happens, payments and cash flow may also be interrupted. 

    While non-compliant buildings are not safe for occupancy, homeowners cannot move into the property right away. As much as buyers want this to be a short-term inconvenience, it may introduce potential long-term health and safety problems. 

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