Health and Safety Leadership Training

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is not solely a Directors responsibility. Managers and Employees should contribute, too, to keeping a secure space where everyone’s wellbeing is the priority all the time. A healthy safety culture consists of positive health and safety attitudes and behaviours. In order to make this a reality, safety leadership should be at the forefront.  But the question is, how should the person in charge of the health and safety of a company get it started? Participating in safety leadership training is the first step because it helps understand the health and safety of companies in New Zealand at its core.  CHS Consulting Ltd. provides comprehensive leadership training for health and safety in New Zealand, designed to equip with the knowledge needed to create a safety culture in various companies. Here is what we can do for you: 
  • Governance review of boards and directors using New Zealand Institute of Directors Health and Safety Governance Guide 
  • Health and safety mentoring and coaching 
  • Effective health and safety conversations and leadership training 
  • Developing safety cultures through exemplary leadership practices 
  • Due diligence reporting for compliance of company officers and directors 

Let Us Get In-Depth with Health and Safety Leadership 

How safe is your workplace? Although everything looks good on paper, you cannot just sit back and relax. Health and safety are not measured by assuming that your risk assessments are tight, work practices are fully compliant, and your team members diligently follow the safety rules. The best way to encourage positive behaviour is through leadership by example. And the health and safety of a company are no exception. That is where health and safety training will be beneficial.  Health and safety leadership training is dedicated to people working in management and HR functions or those responsible for health and safety in their workplace. It covers certain areas, such as what safety leadership is and who can be a safety leader. Other than that, the course also tackles how safety leadership can help improve a workplace and what best practices to demonstrate to maintain health and safety leadership at its peak. 

CHS Consulting Ltd. Provides Quality-Standard Health and Safety Leadership Training 

It is not surprising if the health and safety of companies in New Zealand are a priority because it has and will always be. For safety leadership training, only turn to a reliable provider, like CHS Consulting Ltd. Reach us through or call us on 021323881. 


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