Aaron Tait-Jones


Aaron is a highly skilled health and safety practitioner, leadership coach and trainer with 30 years’ experience in construction, transportation, manufacturing, forestry, army, mechanical engineering, marine, food, aviation, health, telecommunications, gas and electricity industries.

As well as delivering safety management systems, NZQA unit standard training, auditing and technical writing, Aaron is experienced in the design and implementation of organisational safety programmes. He has achieved zero harm, won twelve New Zealand safety awards and led fatal accident investigations with no enforcement action.

Aaron has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from Massey University, National Certificates in Management, Health and Safety, Electricity Supply, and trade qualifications in audit, training assessor, light rescue, firefighting and first aid.

Aaron is a graduate member of the New Zealand Institute of Management (www.nzism.co.nz) and holds the New Zealand Defence Service, and Good Conduct Medals. None of his clients have ever received any prosecution, abatement or improvement action throughout his career.

Our People

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Aaron Tait-Jones

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