Health and safety management system

Workplace risks contribute to nearly a quarter of a million work-related injuries annually which is 89 claims per 1000 full-time equivalent employees, based on a report published by Statistics NZ.  

What Is a Health and Safety Management System? 

A health and safety management systems are made up of policies, procedures, systems and objectives carefully implemented to manage health and safety at work. Moreover, an effective health and safety management system will reduce risk, improve productivity and organisational performance. 

CHS Consulting May Be Your Partner 

Although accidents are inevitable, most are preventable and their impact can be minimised with a well-structured health and safety management system. Our services are designed to eliminate or better manage your risks. Creating a health and safety system in New Zealand does not have to be complicated. With CHS Consulting Ltd. at the forefront, we ensure protection against threats brought by potential risks. We are able to help with: 
  • Review and Develop Health and Safety Management System  
  • Provide Induction and Registration Tools for Employees, Visitors, and Contractors 
  • Introduce Smart Applications, Tools, and Software 
  • Assist Accident Investigation and Assessment 
  • Prepare Emergency Management Processes and Systems 
  • Help with Hazardous Substances Inventory Management 
Focusing on health and safety management systems helps to create awareness of the vital role of safety at home and at work which leads to an improved organisational culture, employee attitudes and behaviours. 

There Is No Time Like the Present to Prioritise Health and Safety 

With lots of risks simultaneously occurring around us, it is easy to overlook health and safety. However, because risks are everywhere, you should take care of yourself now more than ever. CHS Consulting Ltd. can help you.  Contact us through  


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