Health and Safety Training

No one can deny the negative impact of accidents on a person’s life. Even if accidents happen out of the blue without any apparent intention or deliberate reason to hurt anyone, they are considered a series of unfortunate events that typically results in damage or injury.  Because accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, being prepared for the risks and threats comes in handy wherever you go, whether at the workplace or home. Therefore, partaking in health and safety training is beneficial for you.   

CHS Consulting Ltd. Is with You in Ensuring Health and Safety in New Zealand 

Health and safety protocols are a set of regulations and procedures to reduce or eliminate injury or accident in the workplace. More than just being a health and safety compliance in New Zealand, an environment that is safe for working has been proven countless times to lead to more productive employees, improved output, reduced operational costs, and enhanced overall organisational productivity. With a compelling health and safety management system at the helm, you can create a safe space for everyone. CHS Consulting is with you in ensuring health and safety in your organisation by providing the following training and courses: 
  • Board and Directors Due Diligence Training and Education Workshops 
  • Health and Safety Culture Workshops and Coaching 
  • Drug and Alcohol, Stress, Fatigue, and Resilience Design and Facilitation 
  • Electricity Close Approach and Hazard Identification and Investigation Training 
  • Manual Handling, Work at Height, Fire Awareness, and First Aid Workshops 
  • Early Intervention and Injury Prevention Tutoring 
  • Behavioural Safety and Leadership Training 
CHS Consulting Ltd. is on a mission to mitigate health and safety risks of any form. We make our best effort to accomplish this mission through efficient health and safety training that covers all essential aspects required in predicting, minimising, and eliminating potential hazards. By sharing our understanding and what we learned through several years of experience in this industry, we guarantee awareness and the acquisition of in-depth knowledge about different areas of health and safety.   Implementing a health and safety system is crucial for businesses across different industries. Companies face many issues nowadays, such as scarcity of staff, higher recruitment costs, lower retention rates, and lower profits. If an organisation complies with the standards of health and safety in New Zealand, it can decrease the possibility of fines, prosecution, and reputation damage. 

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